What’s in AlphaGenix?

Some call it Alpha Genix and some call it AlphaGenix. Either way we’re talking about a testosterone boosting supplement. One of the key ingredients in AlphGenix is Testofen.

“Testofen is a compound derived from fenugreek seeds said to boost a male’s testosterone levels. Since testosterone plays a major role in muscle development, many individuals use products containing Testofen™ to increase muscle mass. The rise in testosterone production is also said to bolster a male’s libido, improving erectile function in the process.”

Now that you know that Testofen is in AlphaGenix, then you should be rest assured that this stuff is pretty potent. To get your testosterone levels up, all you have to do is take one capsule in the morning and another one before lunch Alpha Genix starts to work and gradually increases your testosterone through out the day.


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