Alpha Genix and Man Boobs

One of the reasons why men get Man Boobs, MOOBS or the scientific name, Gynecomastia is that their body’s hormonal balance is off.  Usually it means they have way more estrogen than testosterone. Older men seem to be more susceptible to this because of their dwindling levels of testosterone. When their testosterone levels drop, estrogen ends up taking over. By taking Alpha Genix to raise your testosterone levels, it is possible to help prevent man boobs.

By increasing your testosterone levels, you’re helping maintain a hormonal balance that is evens out the playing fields for both hormones.  Alpha Genix can be taken twice a day, once in the morning and another around lunch time. Not only are you helping maintain hormonal balance, but you’ll also see an increase in libido and stamina levels.  The added vitamin blend will provide your body more natural energy as well.



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